STIR is Richard Pike & Inga Ryan.

Inga is an artist and Richard is a board member and consultant at financial services and technology firms

STIR is dedicated to excellence in Strategy, Technology, Innovation and Risk. We advise companies on how to ensure that they tackle these challenges with state of the art tools and techniques. Our choice of these topics is due to our experience that only by approaching them in an holistic manner can any company truly appreciate the linkages and synergies between them.

We carry out consulting and training projects in these areas as well as becoming involved in startups that align with our strategy and can utilise our expertise.

We specialise in Financial Services and Technology companies but have also worked in other industries such as FMCG. and legal services.

In order to maximise our capabilities we partner with other best of breed services and product companies so that we can bring excellence to bear on all of our projects.

Partners include:


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